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Our Client (Susan), is a retired nurse that lives alone. She was seeking out a solution that addressed the vulnerability experienced by people that live alone, as well as alleviates the stress on family members or friends that would have to regularly check on them.
She had some prioritised requirements which included:

  • A daily check in reminder that is easily customizable with respect to user preference.  After the user check in, the reminder resets for the same time in the next day.
  • A buffer period, as well as a dexterity test before a missed check-in is communicated to an emergency contact to avoid false emergencies.
  • Ability to store a list of 3 emergency contacts in order of prioritised communication.
  • An iOS based application that works on her iPad
  • Check in feature that can be paused on special cases such as when the user has company (friends or family) visiting for a period.

The Budget for this project was set at $50 CAD
GNG 2101 D15- PerDiem - Personal Safety App
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