Project deliverable c
Project deliverable c


The objective was to design a lightweight, versatile and portable curtain that restores a wheelchair user's privacy as well as provides ample room to pivot the wheelchair while the user is in a bathroom stall or portable washroom. The solution that was created was a box that attaches to the rear of the wheelchair, from which, two telescoping rods, with a curtain attached to them, extend from. When the solution is closed again, the telescoping rods retract into the box along with the curtains. The cost to manufacture the prototype was 70.36$. Some difficulties that were encountered in the manufacturing process, was sourcing cheap, lightweight and sturdy telescoping rods, for which, telescoping fishing rods were used in the final prototype, additionally another difficulty was creating sufficiently strong clips to attach the prototype to a wheelchair.

GNG2101-B1B-Portable Curtain
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Nov 14 2018
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