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Background Information


This shed was designed for GNG1103 Engineering Design in the Winter 2017 session (January - April). It was assembled in the months of February - March and displayed at Design Day on March 29, 2017. Our team won 1st place in the shed category (competing against two other sheds) and 2nd place in the overall competition.

Our team was commissioned by Dr. Muslim Majeed of the uOttawa Civil Engineering structures laboratory to design and build a "net-zero" (carbon neutral) shed - a less ambitious version of a net-zero house. This shed was to be constructed using recycled materials, to be self-sustaining (solar collectors for heat, water heat, and electricity), and to be energy-efficient with automated light sensors, motion sensors, temperature sensors, etc. Our lab section of 14 people was split into three team; solar, automation, and construction. Our group, construction, was responsible for building the shed and then installing systems developed by the other teams.

Almost all the wood used in this project was recycled from other projects found in the structures laboratory.


Technical Specifications


The shed's main portion was built to an 8'x4' base, and the door extension was built to attach to this; thus, it is not part of the main foundation. The framing in this CAD file is completely accurate to the basis, with 2''x4'' spruce studs placed ~16'' apart.The foundation and roof trusses are constructed out of 2''x6'' inch spruce. The roof was shingled, and siding was installed on the door side (though it could easily have been installed on all sides if money allowed this). The remaining walls were painted black.

Our team is unique for having the door extension - the idea is that one would step into the extension, close the door behind them, and then step through a thermal curtain inside. This would minimize heat loss through the door.


Contact Us


Angelica Gendron - agend090@uottawa.ca (Load calculations & sketches)

Adam Kanellakis - akane029@uottawa.ca (Framing and Construction Knowledge)

Meaghan O'Neill - monei023@uottawa.ca (General)

Haotian (Mike) Mai - hmai048@uottawa.ca (General)

Ally Marchese - amarc108@uottawa.ca (General)

Paul Miller - pmill018@uottawa.ca (AutoCAD & 3D Printing)

GNG1103-B3-Construction-Net Zero Shed
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