When over the ear hearing aids are exposed to rain or snow they can become damaged very quickly.

Our solution is a silicon cover for the exposed part of the hearing aid where over the microphone instead of the silicone it has a small piece of Gore-Tex to allow for sound to get to the microphone but no water because Gore-Tex is hydrophobic but breathable.

To make this cover you will need:

-A 3D printer

-Quick-set silicone



-3D print the mold that corresponds to the model of hearing aid you are making a case for

-Follow the instructions provided with the silicone you purchased

-Fill each side of mold with silicone, place the hearing aid in the middle and close the mold around it

-Let the silicone set for 12-18 hours

-Cut a small hole in the cover where the microphone is

-Attach the Gore-Tex to that region from the inside of the case

GNG2101-CHHA1-Water Resistant Hearing Aid Covers
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about 1 year ago

Great job! :)