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The above design concept will satisfy many of design criteria outlined per deliverable C. Since we have limited space allocated to each group, the "canine" robot above will have dimensions of about 5 ft in length, 3 ft in height, and about 1 ft in width. The sensors that will be primarily used will contain a PIR motion sensor, and light sensors. This will dictate whether the robot activates its functions. When a hand is moved above or place about the nose of the robot where the sensors will be placed, LED lights will activate in the eyes of the dog, causing them to glow. In addition, its tail will move in a circular motion via a motor that will generate mechanical movement. When a spectator comes to observe the robot, they may be prompted to "pet" the dog on its nose which will activate the lights and cause the tail to move. This interaction between the user (spectators, judges, etcs) will make the robot truly entertaining. Pleasing the audience satisfies our non-functioning criteria of pleasing the audience. The steampunk elements added to the robot design will enhance the visual appearance and also appeal to the non-functional design criteria that is most essential to the design event. Since one of the essential constraints placed was cost, this robot will use very cheap materials and household items to create that dusty and steampunk themed look. The arduino board and sensor hardware will be relatively cheap as well. In addition, the entire body of the robot will be hollow as to reduce weight and cost. Most of the body will be designed from cardboard material with sheet metal platings to give it a steampunk aesthetics feel. Consequently, the weight of the robot will be relatively light due to the nature of the materials. This robot also satisfies the functional requirements set in place by the museum design committee where technology of any kind has to be implemented into the robot so that it can perform an impressive function that will allow the museum spectators to interact with the robot and thus stimulate an amusing and innovative environment.

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